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Utilizing the most talented staff, equipment, processes and supplier resources Semano Inc. satisfies customer's anodizing, chemical cleaning and selective nickel plating demands for quality, price, and delivery.

World class chemical cleaning has arrived at semano inc.

Semano Inc. provides chemical,  coating removal and clean room packaging of semiconductor components.  Multiple processes are used to achieve a contamination-free surface to extend the useful life of your process components.  Semano Inc. has a state of the art 1000 class clean room thats performs numerous packaging applications for the semiconductor industry and for all those valuable products that require a high degree of cleaniness after production.



precision cleaning

Precision cleaning following anodizing and selective nickel plating is accomplished in our Class 1000 clean room.  The final rinse is in acounter flow ultrasonic rinse tank that is controlled to be greater than 4 Mohm Di water.  Following that, the part is further sprayed with 18 Mohn Di Water.